Alabama Feeder Cattle

  About The Council

The Alabama Feeder Cattle Council was formed by a group of progressive and forward thinking individuals whose goal is to promote the best beef cattle that Alabama has to offer. The individuals that make up the Alabama Feeder Cattle Council and those who utilize it to promote their cattle stand behind what they produce.

The major objective of the organization is to utilize the far reaching capabilities of the internet to advertise Alabama's top feeder cattle to western and mid-western feedyards. Realizing the growth in computer and internet usage by all segments of agriculture, the group could see no better way to reach their customer. Also, those that formed the group realized an opportunity to promote top quality commercial replacement females on a much broader scope.

The key to the Alabama Feeder Cattle Council being a success is the people behind it. The people that make up the governing body of the AFCC are well known as not only good producers, county agents, and marketers, but they are also well known for their ability to work well with others.

This group chose the Alabama Farmers Federation, one of the nations largest and leading farm organizations, to administer this effort as they are confident in Alabama Farmers Federation's commitment to the state's beef cattle industry.

Meet The Council

Nathan Jaeger (Administrator) - Director, Alabama Farmers Federation Beef Division
Bill Lipscomb - Chairman, Alabama Farmers Federation Beef Division and President, Producers Feeder Calf Sale
Gordon E. Burkhalter - President, Alabama Feeder Cattle Marketing Association
Tom Corcoran - President, Southeast Alabama Feeder Cattle Marketing Association (S.A.F.E.)
Jerry Etheredge - Linden Stockyard and Black Belt Area Feeder Calf Sale
Bill Hixon - President, Wiregrass Cattle Marketing Association
Phil Slay - President, Piedmont Cattle Marketing Association
Josh Elmore - Alabama Beef Connection Coordinator
Dr. Lisa Kriese-Anderson - Auburn University Beef Team Leader/Extension Beef Specialist
Ricky Hudson - Regional Extension Agent Representative
Jonathan Gladney - Regional Extension Agent Representative

Special thanks to the following people who were very instrumental in the formation of the Alabama Feeder Cattle Council:

Tommy Brown - Area Extension Beef Specialist (Retired)
Debra Davis - County Communications Director - Alabama Farmers Federation
Jeff Helms - Director, Department of Communications - Alabama Farmers Federation
Kevan Tucker - County Agent Coordinator, Clarke County
Joe Williams - Southeast Alabama Feeder Cattle Marketing Association
Sam Wiggins - County Agent Coordinator, Pickens County
Jim Cravey - ALFA Commodity Department Director (Retired)

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